1. Does the honey and clear have color?
Yes, honey has a hint of peachy color along with a sweet smell and taste. The clear has no color, no taste and no scent. 

2. What can we expect from this product versus others on the market?
In addition to hyaluronic acid (HA) and peptides (which allows HA to penetrate the deeper layers of skin, T.L.C is saturated with many nourishing antioxidants and plant squalane for visibly restoring and repairing dry lips and vertical lip lines while locking in moisture and producing collagen. 

3. How is this different from other lip glosses? 
T.L.C is not a lip gloss. It's a total lip care treatment although it does produce a hint of natural looking shine that lasts a long time. 

4. Why did you decide on a lip product vs other things?
I wanted to find a solution for a common problem (which I had as well). 

5. Is this a lip plumper?
A non agitating one but you will feel a tiny tingle. 

6. Can this be used on kids? 
Yes, Of course. It's all natural. 

7. Can this be used on dry skin? 
Yes, especially during winter time, your dry knuckles will thank you :)