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office magic

My daughter gave me the black candle and didfuser for my office 2 years ago and every single person loves the scent. I am thrilled that i can now purchase these scents online and wont have to bribe daghter to stop by their office to get it for me again. They truly smell like heaven.

RxRenew Honey
Lillit Orudgjian
very good!

The lip care is amazing. Works very good and has a nice applicator. fav lip product ever!!!

RxRenew Honey
David Martikyan

This product is simply Magic; it is the best lip product available. This is the most successful one I've tested so far. Overall, 12/10. I would recommend this product to everyone.

RxRenew Clear
Stacy McMillan
Best Lip Hydration

RXRENEW is the best lip hydrating product I have ever used. Very happy customer!

RxRenew Clear
Brittany, B
Powerful Stuff

This is the most advanced formula of lip product there is. My friend introduced me to it knowing that Im a lip balm addict. This is NOT only a lip balm that rubs in like butter, it also has antioxidants which leaves and keeps my lips hydrated and plump. It helps keep my lip fillers longer and it also adds a beautiful shine which is NON sticky. Top of my faves along with La Mer and Linage

Amazing Scent!

This scent is beautiful and relaxing! I really hope it will become available for online purchase again. I wish I had bought more!

The best lip treatment I’ve found. So good and ACTUALLY heals chapped lips

Such a great idea to introduce DUO. I have bought them both separately for a long time. This way I save a bit and have the best of both worlds. I use clear at nights and on vacation. I love honey during day and I can’t lie, always. LoL

RxRenew Clear
Great product

Keeps my lips super soft and plumped!

Total Lip Care Duo
amy antonyan


best lip product i’ve used

I’ve struggled so much on finding a lip product to help my lips cure and look healthier. This is the best purchase i’ve made and will continue making. I loved how fast it delivered and how beautiful the gloss looks on my lips along with the packaging details.

RxRenew Clear
Heather Bundrant

I love this product. It is so silky and moisturizing without being sticky.

RxRenew Honey
Nare Hambardzumyan

Do yourself a favor and get this product! I love lip balms and treatments and nothing beats this. I got one for my mom, my cousins, all of my friends and they are all obsessed. If you try this product, you will never be happy with another product!

RxRenew Clear
Narineh Sarokhanian

This product is worth every penny. I have the clear one and I love it so much I want to get another for when I am on the go. I’ve tried every lip product you can imagine to heal my chapped lips but nothings works like this does. If you’ve been contemplating this purchase, DON’T. Add it to your cart and check out. Thank me later. :)

Terrific product!!

I love the product and will absolutely purchase it again! I had a small issue and the customer service was outstanding! The product speaks for itself. I have the honey and love it. I’ve tried so many products because I have very dry lips, living in the desert. I definitely recommend RxRenew! I’ll be a repeat customer for sure.

RxRenew Clear
Talar Koulanjian

I have the clear and honey. I always have to have one in my purse and the other on my night stand. I wear this day and night and my lips feel amazingggg. Great product! Worth the hype and worth every $.

Renew Scent Collection
Armine Gevorkian
Smells Amazing and Looks Amazing!

I love the way it looks and I’m obsessed with the scent. The candle, diffuser, and room spray are intoxicating. I ordered online, the wonderful staff at the office called to see if I wanted it gift wrapped. Wow, great customer service and if that wasn’t already great, they delivered to my house. Again Gohar, you have gone above and beyond. Thank you!

RxRenew Clear
Christina Riordan
Lucious Lips

I’ve been using this lip treatment for three months and I am obsessed! My lips stay hydrated during my travels and in the winter months. I’ve used both honey and vegan and love them equally. Thanks for making such an amazing product!

RxRenew Clear
David Martikyan
Dude Approved

I’m a life guard and my girlfriend got this lip balm and it’s the only thing that has stayed on the longest and actually prevented my lips from drying out. I love aquaphor for its price but this product does plenty more. Worth every penny.

RxRenew Clear
Tereza Maksudyan
Absolutely amazing!

I purchased the honey one two months ago and I am absolutely in love. I’ve always had dry lips and have tried everything but nothing has ever actually improved them and kept them healthy for the long run like TLC has. I go on and off using it throughout the day and sometimes use it as an overnight lip mask. Both work just as great, it’s whatever you prefer. It’s not sticky and it feels very light on your lips! I have been recommending it to my friends and family. Please give this a try. You will not regret it!

Smells like you're on vacation

This candle, diffuser, and room spray smells amazing. It has hints of sandalwood and vanilla, my favorites! You need to get your hands on them once they're back in stock by preordering. They are perfect for yourself or as a gift. The candle has such a long burn time and I've had the oil diffuser open for over 3 months and it has not decreased in amount at all!!


When I tell you I am OBSESSED with this candle. It smells like a dream. The white tea undertone is so soothing. I have two burning in my house, one in my room and one in the living room. I LOVE the smell

No wonder it’s sold out

Came here to snatch a diffuser for my office because my home has the candle and diffuser. Sad to see it’s sold out. The scent is heavenly.

Sexy yet calming

As soon as I walked in to the spa for the first time, the first thing I noticed was the calming yet sexy scent that filled the room. I asked what it was and they told me it’s the spas signature scent.
I bought a diffuser, small candle and the extra large candle which is so elegant. It’s like 2 feet tall. My home smells amazing and I get compliments all the time.

RxRenew Clear
Christina Isagholian
No More Chronic Chapped Lips!

I cannot go without TLC! For years I have tried dozens of lip balms and treatments hoping that something would fix my painfully chapped lips. Nothing has ever come close to TLC. Amazing quality that looks just as good as it is effective. Absolutely worth the price!